Friday, March 27, 2009

As part of my "homework" for a web 2.0 course I was asked to start a blog. However, I didn't want to absorb a bunch of my time doing a broad or general blog. So to keep a narrow focus, I thought I'd start a blog about the photography business I'm starting up. Hopefully this journey will be a fun one.

At this point, I'm just starting out. While I've photographed many weddings over the years, I've never formally tried to do it as a business. I really enjoy doing it, so why not make the most of it.

So far, I've started a cheap as I can get advertising campaign. I've also done a lot of word of mouth, just to let people know I'm out there. Maybe they'll tell their friends. I've also got listings on a couple of wedding planning web sites. Though one thing I've learned from that is that these days, people really expect you to have a web site so that they can see your work. I've spent some time developing that.

Something I'm really excited about today is that some studio equipment arrived yesterday. I'm turning the spare bedroom in my house into a studio. I spent last night assembling two radio controlled strobe box lights and another umbrella strobe. The back drop also arrived. While the back drop is the perfect size for the room, it's feet are too big. So making that work is a project I'll be working on.

Right now, I'm just thrilled to be another few steps down the road.

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