Friday, November 30, 2012

75% Off Portrait Special for December

I'm doing portrait shoot for $50 for the month of December. I don't usually do this but hey, it's the holidays, kids are coming home from college and other family members are gathering.  Let's take advantage of this and capture these memories.  We can do the shoot at the location of your choice or in my studio for individuals and couples.  So contact me at and lets make some pretty pictures.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Portrait Shoot: Jerry

Here's another in my series of portrait shoot.  I thought this one turned out really nice. Now that it's November, I'm really missing that wall of virginia creeper leaves.  But they'll be back next spring.  Also it was fun to put him in the kilt and play with some other props.  I hope you enjoy this set.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hyde Park Street Fair

It gives you an idea of how busy I've been that I've finally caught up with some of the pictures I took during the summer.  In this case it's a photo walk at the Hyde Park Street Fair.  This is annual event that takes place in Boise's trendy North End.  It also has something of a tradition that reaches back to the sixties and seventies.  This is a great event for a photographer looking for bright colors and interesting pictures.  I captured all of this and a lot of the novel things that populated the fair.  This includes the food court, a pub on wheels powered by pedal power, live music, arts & crafts, bugs inside of suckers and as always the belly dancers.  And to finish it off is a picture of me shooting at the fair while wearing my black kilt.  I hope you like the results.