Friday, March 23, 2012

Idaho Book Arts Guild

I've been asked to document the Idaho Book Arts Guild as they were awarded an Artists In Residence by the city of Boise.  They will be using a space in the BODO shopping district as a gallery and will be doing workshops on the weekends and during the First Thursdays art experience.  At this point I was documenting  their initial move-in and planning session.  They brought in quite a few interesting tools and pieces of art.  This is only the start.  It will be fun to see this project come into full bloom.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Skin Deep at Stage Coach Theater

The current production at Stage Coach Theater is a charming romantic comedy called Skin Deep.  They asked me to do a photo session with them.  This is still in Stage Coach's temporary space and for that reason the lighting was very challenging.  They weren't set up to do the usual even wash of light but did the best they could with the materials at hand.  So I had to deal with the fact that the light was very bright in some spots and too dim in others.  Particularly challenging when you have both things going on in the same frame.  Still, it's with these kinds of challenges that we learn to grow.  Here's some of the pictures from that photo shoot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Food PhotoShoot

The following week I was called back to The Piper Pub to do some food photography for advertising and their menu.  I put a mini-soft box on my main flash and then aimed to shoot from behind one side of the plate.  Opposite that I mounted my reflector on my C-stand to bounce the light back into the shadows.  This arrangement highlights the texture of the food and makes it appear more three dimensional.  I placed my camera on a tripod and aimed it so that the view would be of the food just after the server placed it in front of you.  I went for manual focus on this project so I could pick exactly where the picture would draw the eye.  So that I could see the field of focus better I attached my camera to my laptop and switched it to live view so that I could see everything full sized.  Then the kitchen set to work, bringing out dish after dish.  I took lots of shots, never satisfied with the first picture but looking for ways to make it look even better.  This job was a whole lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to the next time I have a chance to do something like this.