Friday, August 29, 2014

Story Story Late Night: August

Another fun Story Story Late Night.  This time the theme was crazy and it most certainly was.  There was one story that was so down right crazy that it put chills down people's spines.  Story Story Night certainly delivers what they promise.  This was a fantastic evening with some wonderful story tellers.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Portrait Shoot: Kamal

Here's a fun portrait shoot.  Kamal is originally from Nepal but has lived in the country for a number of years now.  He's a very fun and enthusiastic guy, which I hope that I captured in the pictures.  And as usual, along with his various looks that he tried on for the shoot he also brought a set of clothes from his native country.  He was also very enthusiastic about the kilt and sword portion of the shoot that I have a lot of these guys do.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jon's Cosplay: The Joker

This is going to be a fun one.  You're seen Jon in my blog before and you might remember that he's a local actor and playwright for CAT theater group and other projects.  This time around he had a friend help him out with makeup for the Joker from Batman.  This was a lot of fun and really got into it.  I hope you find entertaining and not too disturbing.  After all, he is the Joker.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Story Story Late Night: July

We had another fabulous Story Story Late Night at the end of July. The theme this time was "Cravings."  The featured story tellers were fantastic and the story slammers from the audience were great too.  The interesting thing about doing photography in The Visual Arts Collective is that it seems the stage lighting is always different.  This time it was very amber but I managed to pull it back some so that people could look their best.  We have one more of the "Late Nights" and then it will be back to the regular show in October.  And I hear we will be working in a new venue.  It should be fun.