Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest at a Wedding

I recently attended a wedding, not as the photographer but as a guest. Wow, it's been a while. Still, old habits die hard and I brought my big camera anyway. I thought it would be a lot of fun to shoot the wedding from the guest's perspective.

The wedding took place on the roof of the C.W. Moore Plaza. It's a really nice place and I've photographed weddings there before. The only "however" would be that I usually like to get a side shot of the bride and groom across from the officiant but the only way to do that here is to levitate eight stories above the ground. Sometimes you have to skip a shot. For this event the timing and the setting worked beautifully with the sun sliding down toward the horizon off to the left of the ceremony. The guests sat in the shade and it was pleasant for everyone.

I recently read an essay where a wedding photographer was lamenting the increase of technology in the hands of everyone. His point was that now days everybody has digital cameras and video recorders and can really get in the way of the person who's being paid to take pictures of the wedding. Here's a case in point as someone is using a tablet computer to record video of the entire event. From where I was sitting he's blocked my view of the bride's dress which would be a serious issue if this was a paid job for me. Of course if it were paying gig I would have just moved to work around him. In this case, I was just a guest and so I stayed in my seat.

It's nice that people are being so creative with the wedding cakes. That makes the cakes something to look forward to. In this case, the groom is from Peru and they are both artistic types. They had a good time with the cake, or cakes. On each side of this stack were sheet cakes with frosting footprints that traveled across the surface of the cakes and finally joined as a couple on the main stack. A fun way to tell a story with cake decorating.
It was a beautiful wedding and everyone came away happy.

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