Friday, February 21, 2014

Will Act 4 Food: Benefit for the Idaho Food Bank

At the beginning of February I got to do something very special.  I was the official photographer for Will Act 4 Food.  Every year Daisey's Madhouse has a theater event to raise money for the Idaho Food Bank.  This year was extremely successful with the largest audience ever.  The event is something of a marathon.  People sign up to be actors, directors or script writers.  Friday night everyone meets up and the writers are assigned a genre in which to write a ten minute play.  Then they spend all night writing.  Early Saturday morning the seven directors receive their scripts and then draw actor's names out of a hat.  They spend all day rehearsing and at 7:30 that evening they have a live audience.  This year had the most spectacular results they've ever had.  This was a very cool event and for a good cause.  

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