Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Wedding Shoot

This weekend I had a fun wedding photo shoot. The tricky part is that we closed on the deal via email and had never met the bride or anyone else involved. There was also a long negotiation process. Just another sign of the tight economy these days. Still, it's better to have discounted business than no business at all.

In any case, I was the first person in The Eyrie at Kathryne Albertson park and it was easy for them to identify me as the photographer with my huge camera and over the shoulders camera harness. Also I had chosen to dress professionally, all in black.

In any case, it was a fun gig, they were great people and I had a wonderful time working with them. I also didn't hesitate to hand out my business cards. That's particularly nice since I think I left them with a positive impression.
Now I have 482 images to sort and process. A lot of the main pictures are multiples of the same pose so the final package will be a lot less when I deliver it. I've learned over the years that when you take pictures of a group of people, someone's going to blink when you hit the shutter. So it pays to take lots of shots to have choices to make. The joys of the digital age. :)

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  1. Paul,
    Where do we even begin to express how magical our wedding was...You certainly took our desires and requests to heart making the entire event special.The extra care you took and the time you spent on every detail was very evident as the time flowed smoothly. Thank you for allowing us to personalize our wedding and for being flexible with our sentimental requests.We are telling everyone we know and strangers we meet about you and the wonderful service you provide, whether they are getting married, renewing vows, or know someone who is! Please call us if we can every do anything for you to repay your kindness and generosity!

    Toni & Ron