Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Snowy HDR

We recently had a fantastic snow storm that dumped a bit more snow than we are used to around here. So naturally that was the perfect time take some pictures and play around with the HDR. One of the things that makes it challenging is all that white. It doesn't give you a lot of color to play with but at least it gives you a chance to make less strange looking pictures in HDR. Here in the patio picture, it looks fairly normal but was able to use HDR to bring in more of the details in the background and behind the chairs. I was also able to bring out more of the texture in the snow.Then for another picture of my back gate, I used the glow setting to really bring out some interesting highlights in the snow on the ground. After I made these adjustments, the picture struck me as being just a little bit creepy. Fun effect.

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