Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photo Walk: Hyde Park

A photo walk is a fun exercise where to just take your camera some place and take pictures of everything that catches your eye. So for this project, I picked the historic Hyde Park neighborhood in Boise's north end. I spent about an hour there, walking back and forth and along the side streets. I took a whole bunch of pictures and here is some of what I came back with.
In fact, you should take multiple pictures. Take a picture of something and then look at it again trying to find a different and more interesting picture to take of the same subject. Keep doing this and who knows what you may come up with. Given enough time you can come up with some really cool images.
I also did something a bit different in the post production of these pictures. I used Photoshop's HDR Tonal controls to process them. It's a bit different than my usual HDR images in that I did the processing on single images instead of a set of images taken with different exposures that I've blended together. So I don't have quite as much dynamic rage as with typical HDR but I still had lots of fun making the images look more interesting and finding more details in the image than showed up at first glance. I hope you enjoy seeing these as I had creating them.And as always, you can click on an image to see it full sized.

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