Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marketing Brochure

Something that I've been meaning to do for some time now has been to produce some brochures so that I can send them to potential clients or for other people to show around.The hard part was selecting the few photos that I would use on this project. I wanted to cover all of my bases by including photos that give vivid examples each of the services that I offer. So I wanted to get in a couple of portraits, group portraits, commercial photography and weddings. I'm actually pretty happy about finding a way to throw in as many wedding pictures as I did.
And of course, I had to include the picture of my cat Bart in the box. Everybody loves that picture when I first show it to them.

And if your curious, this is the set up I used to take the pictures of the brochure. I attached a small soft box to my remote flash that I wired to my camera. I hung a reflector on the other side to give the light a little balance. With the camera mounted on the tripod above the subject, I could easily make small but consistent adjustments between each shot. Fire away!

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