Saturday, January 14, 2012

We're Going To A Party-Party

I was recently commissioned to photograph the birthday party of the president of Jacksons Foodstores.  It was held at this country club outside of town and a huge crowd showed up.  There was fabulous food and an open bar.  It was a grand party and the crowd swelled out of the ballroom and into the restaurant.  For me it was a lot like shooting a wedding reception.  I kept my eye out trying to get a picture of everyone, making note of people I've already shot.  It's a bit of a trick remembering faces of people you've just met but I've had years of practice.  The other goal of my job was stalking the guest of honor trying to capture as many pictures possible of her having fun while being unobtrusive.  Another challenge was that the lighting was fairly low.  I prefered to use natural light so as not to annoy the guests with my constant flashing.  I used my flash gun for some shots but for the rest of the time, I kept my ISO cranked up pretty high and then spent a lot of time on the post processing to make the shots look as natural as possible.  A great time was had by all, including the photographer.

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