Monday, May 16, 2011

Boise State Commencement

This last weekend I had the opportunity to work at the graduation ceremony for Boise State University. Mostly it was a herding cats job but since I had a lot of friends graduating I brought my camera and took lots of pictures. To start, the graduates lined up in the Bronco Gym before marching into the arena.

Instead of sitting through the ceremony (when you've seen ten, you've seen them all) I used the time to do a bit of a photo walk around campus. We had a pretty even cloud cover that diffused the light very nicely. It was especially effective down by the river which is still flowing at the high water mark.

Then the sun came out adding more contrast to the pictures I took.

And finally I returned to the tennis courts where our newly minted graduates would walk out to meet their families on the practice field. Everyone had a lot of fun.

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